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We will make your lawn beautiful

Everyone knows that a healthy, well-cared-for lawn is beautiful and helps bring an entire garden to life. Gardeners know lawns need year-round care and specialist treatments above regular cutting to achieve this. If you don’t, your lawn will look tired or overrun with weeds and moss, mainly if you live in Brackley or Banbury.

Garden Force has developed specialist lawn care treatments, including specific seasonal fertilisation to combat weeds and diseases, scarification and aeration. So, if you are having lawn problems in the Brackley & Banbury area with weeds, moss or just generally looking tired, then why call us for a no-obligation call? So, if you are looking for a bespoke lawn care maintenance program in Brackley & Banbury, then have a look at our packages below:

Lawn care packages

The right thing, at the right time

Spring Lawn Treatments

Winter has finally passed, and your lawn is sleepily waking from its dormant period. To encourage it, we apply a treatment specifically formulated to support this process. The fertiliser we use in the spring is customised to aid the waking process and to help your lawn receive much-needed nutrients after its winter fast. These nutrients usher your lawn into the growing season, giving it a gentle boost to help it become lively and a brilliant green.

Of course, weeds are bound to start peeking out with the coming of spring and the awakening of all sorts of foliage. The best way to control them is to get ahead of them. We apply a specialised herbicide that targets weeds without harming grass and other garden plants and trees. The combination of fertiliser and herbicide is formulated for the spring weather, encouraging lawn growth.

Early Summer Lawn Treatments

Lawn treatments in Brackley & Banbury during the summer are crucial in keeping your garden looking its best. That's why using a lawn treatment engineered to perform during these warmer months is so important to your garden. Our early summer lawn treatment is applied using a special fertiliser specifically formulated for the warmth of summer. It has been coated with a particular product that allows it to release slowly, giving off essential plant nutrients as needed and feeding your lawn the appropriate amount to encourage a green, lush, healthy lawn. If rains are not regular during this time, it is recommended that you water your garden to allow the fertiliser a timely release.

As weeds are always a pesky problem, we treat your lawn with a herbicide that will destroy them and prevent them from growing and sullying your much-envied garden's healthy, green lawn. This helps eliminate bending, kneeling and stooping to pull them and provides your property with an excellent nutrition foundation, allowing it to reach its full potential.

Late Summer Lawn Treatments

During late summer, your lawn needs special care to help keep it green and full. A special fertiliser is applied, similar to what is involved in early summer. This fertiliser is coated to dissolve slowly, releasing over time and feeding the lawn as needed. This treatment helps your lawn maintain its beautiful deep green colour and allows the blades of grass to remain healthy, keeping it thick and lovely. If the rain is sparse, regular watering is suggested to help dispense nutrients in the fertiliser to the root system of your lawn, allowing your grass to feed consistently throughout the warm summer days. By ensuring your lawn receives water regularly, you confirm your lawn is also provided, keeping it healthy, whole and green.

Although weeds should be sparse after the early summer treatment, the herbicide applied is appropriate for late summer use and prevents new growth, as well as killing off any weeds that may be present.

Autumn / Winter Lawn Treatments

The cooler autumn and winter climate slow the grass growth in Brackley & Banbury. During the winter, moss can become an invasive problem. That is why we apply different treatments in these months to keep your lawn healthy during the winter. During these months, the treatment will control moss by dehydrating it to prevent it from spreading over the lawn during winter. This process is achieved by applying a particular micronutrient that treats the moss and supports the dormant stage of grass, strengthening it to withstand the harshness of winter. This treatment will inhibit the production of moss spores.

By applying the autumn and winter treatment to your lawn, you are also preparing it for the mechanical work. This is vital to the health of your lawn. It reduces the stress that cutting can cause, encouraging your grass to bounce back and green up nicely in the springtime.

How much does it cost?

One off treatments or all year plan

One off season treatments

Garden Forces’ seasonal lawn care packages and treatments vary by the time of the season. They are designed to work hand-in-hand with mother nature and compliment the natural conditions of the season and environment

Annual plan

The annual plan is essentially four lawn care packages for each of the season so whether it is getting ready for the Summer or the end of the Autumn. You know you will be ready.

Spread the payments with direct debit

Use Direct Debit to ease the burden

As well as a pay as you go we also offer a monthly payment plan that helps you budget and spread the cost of your lawn care with monthly direct debits.

Before you set up your monthly plan we will meet and agree how much you will pay, what is the date that suits to debit from your account.

As you know Direct Debit is guarented by your bank and you can cancel it at any time. All we ask is that you tell us you have cancelled so we don't turn up when you don't want us.




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