Tree Surgeon in Backley & Banbury

We go out on a limb for you!

Optimise your outdoor space in Banbury and Buckley with our unparalleled tree surgeon services. We understand the emotional and aesthetic value trees add to your garden, but sometimes, they need professional care to maintain their beauty or, unfortunately, require removal.

With a comprehensive suite of services to meet any tree-related need or budget, we are your go-to experts in Banbury and Buckley. Whether tree felling, pruning, or planting, our offerings are tailored to address your specific requirements. As stewards of arboreal health, we also tackle many issues that could compromise your trees' well-being.

Broken limbs? Diseased trees? Overgrown branches near utility lines? Don't worry, we have you covered. Our tree surgeon services in Banbury and Buckley set the industry standard, ensuring that your verdant space remains beautiful, safe, and functional.

Investing in quality tree care pays off in the long run by sustaining the health and aesthetics of your garden's green canopy—partner with us for an enduring commitment to arboreal excellence.

Tree Surgeon Services

A variety of tree services

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the most requested tree service in Brackley & Banbury and one of the most essential services to maintain your tree's health and to ensure the tree's growth continues steadily. Proper pruning is imperative for training the tree and encouraging it to grow straight with a strong trunk. How often tree pruning is needed depends largely on the type of tree, age, and how you wish your tree to grow. Some tree pruning can slow the growth of your trees, but the recommended method encourages growth.

One technique used to keep trees healthy is crown thinning. This process removes excess shoots in the crown and allows light to pass through the tree. Crown thinning also helps reduce wind resistance, strengthening the tree for adverse weather conditions. Crown thinning will reduce the weight of the tree limbs, resulting in healthier, more muscular branches. Often, during this process, dead wooding is also completed.

When a tree has dead branches or limbs, safely removing them is called dead wooding. This process is fundamental to the health of your trees. When left, they can become a fall hazard and vulnerability to your tree as it rot, which can spread to the healthy living areas of your tree. Left unchecked, this can lead to your tree becoming infected with fungal disease; over time, this will kill the tree. Removing any dead wood in your Brackley & Banbury trees is vitally important for these reasons. Once the dead wood has been removed, your tree will be less susceptible to strong winds, allowing more light to pass through the crown.

Tree Falling

There are several reasons to fell a tree. The most common cause in Brackley & Banbury is that the tree has died and has become a nuisance or hazard. Dead trees are subject to dropping branches or, worse, toppling, creating a potentially deadly problem and severe liability issue. When it is time to say "goodbye" to your much-loved tree, a couple of methods are used to accomplish the task. While having a tree felled is often sad, it is necessary if the tree has died. If there is a safe way to fall the tree, then our expert tree surgeons will take it down, removing limbs and branches and dividing the trunk once it is on the ground.

When this method of tree removal is not practical, the tree will be dismantled. This process may require cranes, lifts or other heavy equipment. Our priority is to remove the tree safely. Whether your tree has died, become diseased, is growing too close to your home and rooting towards or into your foundation, or if subsidence (the process in which trees are hoarding water, starving out surrounding plants) is occurring, our tree surgeon services will carefully remove the tree in question.

We have experience with falling trees of all sizes and ages. Our number one priority is always the safety of our colleagues and your property. Once the tree has been removed, we embark on an extensive clean-up operation to return your garden to the same state when we began. The tree will be chain-sawed, smaller branches mulched, and larger limbs cut for fire logs. Finally, we use leaf blowers to get all the sawdust.

Disease Control

Nothing is more devastating to Brackley & Banbury trees than disease. If left unchecked, it can spread quickly throughout your garden and eventually to other trees in the neighbourhood. That's why you need our tree surgeon to come out and assess the situation. Our three surgeons will diagnose the problem and take the appropriate action to control it. We will save every tree possible, removing it only if necessary. We begin by containing the diseased trees. Early identification of the disease is vitally important for the best outcome. We will start there if we can treat your trees for the disease. If it is impossible to save the tree, it must be removed.

Stump Removal

When your tree has been removed in Brackley & Banbury, it leaves behind its stump. This tree portion will be an unsightly remnant and should be removed. If left, it can cause issues such as fungal problems root diseases and may be prone to suckering, the process in which shoots grow off a stump with live roots. Using our tree surgeon services removes the worry and the long wait for removal by the chemicals required.

When our expert tree surgeons remove stumps in Brackley & Banbury, they employ specialised equipment to accomplish the task. Stumps are ground down to well below your grass's level, removing the root ball's top section. As we grind, the remaining stump is turned into a sawdust-like mulch, which will remain to help level the hole created by the stump. The mulch will return nutrients to your garden.

Tree Planting

Our tree surgeons love planting new trees in Brackley & Banbury, and your garden can benefit significantly from new trees. Whether you wish to have an ornamental or an evergreen, we can help. We will help you with every step, from selecting the most appropriate trees for your environment to finding the optimum location to help the tree thrive. Finally, we will dig the hole for your new tree and place it in its new home, taking great care and filling the gap with top-quality soil and the proper nutrients to help kick-start its growth.

Planting at the correct depth is vitally important, and we ensure your tree is planted correctly. We stake the tree to help it grow straight and to support it as its root system takes hold in the ground. Then, we finish with mulch that will help your tree retain water and prevent weeds from taking root alongside it.

Once your tree has been planted, we can continue caring for it to help it mature. Young trees need care and maintenance to thrive and develop into mature trees. In Brackley & Banbury, we are the tree authority and will gladly nurture your trees into their more stable stage of maturity to ensure they last for years.