Hedge Trimming

Military corners and lines

Trimming your garden wall with hedgerows is a beautiful way to improve the view in your garden, but they require regular pruning and care. Depending on the type of hedge you have planted in your garden and how you like it styled, trimming must be done from one to three times yearly. While hedge trimming may seem simple, an uneducated trimmer can damage the hedge, creating bare spots with the wrong cut. For this reason, we would suggest having a professional service for your hedges. In Brackley & Banbury, we are the premier service provider for all your hedge trimming services, no matter your budget or needs.

Our Brackley & Banbury hedge trimming professionals understand how to trim conifers, the most common type vulnerable to bare and brown spotting due to poor trimming. Additionally, overzealous trimming of conifers can prevent them from growing. Our trimmers are experts at and know exactly how much is too much and will trim your hedgerow to perfection. Trimming of evergreens that include Bay, Box, Holly, Lawson and Leyland Cypress, Laurel, Privet, and Pyracanther can be done from early summer through early autumn; however, weather patterns can influence this time frame.

Hedge trimming in Brackley & Banbury

The right thing, at the right time

Deciduous hedges

If your Brackley & Banbury garden has deciduous hedges, trimming begins after the flower blooms have faded and dropped. This typically happens by late May, and trimming then starts in June. By September, cutting should be completed on hedges of this variety. If you are still determining if you have a deciduous hedgerow, our experts can help identify the type of hedgerow in your garden and determine the optimum trimming time. Some deciduous hedgerows include Beech, Hazel, Hawthorne, Berberis Rose Glow, Crab Apple, and Willow.

Caring for hedges

Caring for hedges in Brackley & Banbury may seem easy, but it takes training and knowledge to understand how trimming affects your borders. One wrong snip or clip and the hedge may be ruined. Some hedges are more delicate than others and require special care. Not only that but getting your hedge trimmed evenly is more challenging than it looks. Our hedge trimming service is precisely what you need to have a perfect hedgerow. We take great care to ensure that each hedge is trimmed enough to encourage new growth. We also take great care in shaping your shrubs. This process is perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of hedge trimming; knowing how and where to cut and getting all the branches nice and even is an art form, and our trimmers are masters.

Using the appropriate equipment

Hedgerows should always be trimmed using the sharpest shears or hedge trimmers. As trimming is such a laborious chore, please leave it to us. We will happily give you an estimate and the best time frame to complete the job. Our hedge trimming service tackles borders of all shapes and sizes, tidying them up and giving them the same meticulous care we provide your lawn. Once your hedgerows have been trimmed, your garden will look brilliant, and your neighbours will ask how you keep them so healthy. With regular care, your hedgerows will continue flourishing and give your Brackley & Banbury garden privacy for years.