Create the garden of your dreams

Landscaping Brackley & Banbury

We understand that every garden in Brackley & Banbury is as unique as its owner; that's why we meet with you to discuss your vision and offer advice on what components will work best for you. We understand budget concerns and provide several landscaping solutions for every size budget. Landscaping is like the frosting on a cake; your garden is still ongoing. Landscaping is one of the services that is a joy to provide; turning dull, neglected gardens into a work of art is satisfying for garden owners and our landscapers. Seeing the transformation is magical, and at the end of a project, you will be elated by the change, and our landscaper will be thrilled to see how delighted you are.

The most crucial step in any landscaping project is the client interview. Your input is what creates the palate that our landscapers use. We want your garden to reflect you and your style, so we conduct an extensive interview to understand your vision and discuss how we can make it happen. Today, many new materials are used in landscaping gardens, allowing us to create a uniquely yours space. Your Brackley or Banbury garden can be as simple and understated as you choose, or we can go all out and make it the showcase oasis of the neighbourhood. Let your imagination flow and create the garden of your dreams.

How we can help

Landscaping Services for Brackley & Banbury

A range of options

Our landscaping services in Brackley & Banbury provide a full range of options to create the perfect space. Whether you want to create a quiet, meditative space with water features and subdued outdoor lighting or want a lawn to enjoy a football game, our team can do it all. We can build that wished-for decking area for the weekend BBQ or place decorative pavers to create a beautiful patio area or garden path; our expert landscapers have the knowledge, experience and skill to turn your garden into the oasis you have been envisioning in your Brackley or Banbury garden.

Landscape design consultation

We offer a complete design consultation service, including a detailed site analysis to formulate a brief. This is usually carried out during a couple of meetings. We will photograph your garden and discuss design details in depth with you.

We then prepare a master sketch plan, a hand-rendered format, a CGI render, a perspective drawing and a mood board that illustrates how the garden will look.
Once your design is approved, we prepare specifications and working drawings from which we provide a detailed quote for your landscaping works.

Decking - Brackley & Banbury

In Brackley or Banbury, decking can add a beautiful accent to your garden. Most commonly made from treated lumber, we can create multilevel decking that will add living space and a place to lay and enjoy the warmth of the summer sun. A finished deck adds value to your property and can become your new party central space during those warm summer nights. Our landscapers are available to answer any questions about our decking service, from cost to care; whatever you need to know, we have the information for you. Building a garden deck has many benefits, including raising the value of your property and adding outdoor living space. Watching the wee ones tumble about the lawn while relaxing in a lounger on your new deck is one of life's greater pleasures.

Paving - Brackley & Banbury

Our landscaping crew is skilled in laying all sorts of pavers, whether you wish these to be run as a path, turned into a lovely patio area or set as a driveway, or paving improves the kerb appeal of your home and offers a fantastic improvement, raising the value of your property along with its appearance. Earthy paving can complement your Brackley & Banbury garden and offer a place to sit, enjoy the sunsets, and dine al fresco. Paving in front of entryways cuts down on bits from the park being tracked into your home. Pavers come in many different shapes and sizes to suit a variety of palettes and tastes. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Planting service

Even the most contemporary gardens with clean architectural lines and strong bone structures must be softened with beautiful planting. One of our strengths is to echo, through the planting, some of the decorative elements of the interior of the homes in Brackley & Banbury. Lush and luxurious planting is a signature note of our gardens.

Your existing garden may be structurally sound and well-designed, but it has areas you could be happier with or want to plant. Similarly, if your garden in Brackley or Banbury is too large, our planting service may change the aesthetics and make it easier to manage.

Driveways - Brackley & Banbury

For many people, parking their car on the street is the only option. However, if you have the space, a new driveway can help keep your vehicle safe, add value to your property and dramatically enhance the look of your house.

Whether you have an existing driveway that needs maintenance or are considering installing a new one, we have a specialist driveways team with years of experience installing block paving drives. We use high-quality, locally sourced materials with modern, up-to-date plant and construction methods for driveway installation.